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It’s called Hoop Dee Do Me

obsidianchameleon said:
duuuuuude I have spent so much time thinking about Bill's character. like i mean i am writing a fic focusing on his personality but in addition to that he's just so intruiging. like have you seen the original storyboards for dreamscaperers? he's such a flighty character, like he goes from "ooh shiny!" to "let me rip out an animal's teeth it's fun i like to have fun" to "i am going to wipe you from existence" in 2 sec flat. he's hiding so much about himself and his motives are 100% unknown itsgr8



Oh yeah, Bill is awesome. He’s my fave character. He’s so unique, I mean come on—He’s a freggin Triangle man for crying out loud! Lol

Personally, I could talk about him all day. But the “super-short” of it is that I see Bill as a true villain, if not some kind of chaotic, antagonistic force.

I don’t see him as “neutral” like some believe. I see him as a puppet master; and Dipper, Mabel, Stan and his brother (especially his brother) are all pawns in Bill’s game of chess.

Then there’s Mcgucket and Trembly… Two more pawns on the black board. Those two I believe be-felled a terrible fate when dealing with this monster. A black shadow that swallowed Stan’s brother as well…

Darn Bill! What game are you playing at?

"I see Bill as a true villain, if not some kind of chaotic, antagonistic force. I don’t see him as “neutral” like some believe.

Funny you should mention those terms. I personally see him as a combination of the two: chaotic neutral

I feel like this alignment fits much more than any of the “evil” alignments (and he’s certainly not “lawful” or “good”). Notably:

  • This is the insurgent, the con-man, gambler, and high roller; the uncommitted freebooter seeking nothing more than self-gratification. This type of character will at least consider doing anything if they can find enjoyment or amusement. (“Well, time to invade Stan’s mind. This should be fun!”)
  • This character is always looking for the best deal, and will work with good, neutral, or evil to get it; as long as he comes out of the situation on top. (Associating with Gideon (evil) and Dipper (good) in pursuit of his own goals.)
  • May take actions just to see what happens. (“So I’m gonna let you kids off the hook! You might come in handy later.”)
  • These characters will almost always seek some selfish goal in addition to the promotion of universal disorder, and are thus seen as “greedy” by others. (“I’ll help you with this and in return you can help me with something I’ve been working on!”)
  • A chaotic neutral character will keep his word if it serves his interests. (Fulfilling his end of the bargain with Gideon.)


I don’t usually have time to draw but when I do it’s T2 stay pedal my friends

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do you ever read old conversations you had with someone and realize how much more they used to be interested you and it makes you feel like complete shit because everything is different now and you can tell you’ve just lost that shine that got their attention in the first place

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"I was- I am scared."
- “I am too.”

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Welcome to Nightvale: A Story About You (Film Adaptation)
An original film based on Welcome to Nightvale’s episode “Story About You.”

I’m only about ten minutes in so far - but this is cool! I know the fandom talks about on-screen adaptations of WTNV a lot, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen!


"I’m just gonna ask you 73 questions in an unreasonably short amount of time.”


brawl is probably going to go down as the weirdest smash bros game

like it simultaneously wanted to be casual by making everything slower and floatier and wanted to be hardcore by making everything duller and darker and dingier and adding solid snake. there’s a huge story mode but instead of using nintendo’s (and sonic’s and metal gear’s) many memorable worlds and enemies it included a series of drab, realistic environments and forgettable enemies. it ended with sonic saving all of nintendo’s heroes from their impending deaths. it invented the new version of the kid icarus universe that we know today. it made an nes accessory playable. it for some reason featured a list of every nintendo game ever that you could read through, not that anyone did. jigglypuff’s final smash just makes her slowly inflate. luigi’s final smash cannot be explained with logic, luigi just has this weird aura for no apparent reason. there was a stage builder with only three generic locations. it put silver the hedgehog in green hill zone. otacon and snake had codec calls about every character in the game. it had the great maze. it turned level 1-1 into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and added tripping

mario’s hyper-realistic overalls


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"how have you been racing all these years???"

i want everyone to find out kinjou actually can’t see fucking shit without his glasses. 

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